Socio-ecological Union

The Home We Built,
The Roof We Share

The Basement   A layered construction   Diversity  
Structuring   The doors are open


  In the public movement that we know there is nothing close that can be found as far as the diversity united under the wings of the seven cranes.
  Among the members of the Socio-Ecological Union there are village school clubs and the national Movement of Greens of Georgia and Azerbaijan, groups of radical youths from the Movement to Preserve the Rainbow and the respectable Norwegian Bellona Foundation which is supported by 10 thousand Norwegians, the Great Don Cossak Army and many smaller groups of citizens of the countries of the CIS which are defending their rights to a healthy environment and to the receiving of reliable information, Ecologia Trust - a branch of the well known Scottish alternative settlement Findhorn and the Pacific Center for Natural Resources in California, employees of the governmental system of environmental protection of Palestine and Friends of the Earth of Finland.
  And all of these very different people, based on all we know, find in the SEU something which they would not have had if they stayed outside.

How to join us

  1. Organizations (collectives and other unities) and persons wishing to apply for membership to Socio-ecological union, should submit to SEU Council the following:
  1.1. Information about the organization or person (estblishment date, contact persons, activities etc).
  1.2. Personal application or, for organizations - paper containing decision of the organizationТs governing authority/meeting to join SEU. It also should confirm agreement with SEU Charter and Statement(s).
  1.3. For registered organization - copy of registration.
  1.4. ∆елательно - рекомендации от членов —оЁ—, работающих в том же или близких регионах или по той же или близкой тематике.
  2. Organization or person, applied for membership and submitted all the information listed above, are accepted to SEU, if, in a month after the application was presented to SEU Council members, no one of Council members expressed their protest.
  2.1. In a month SEU Council should inform the candidate about the decision.
  2.2. In the case if Council decides to refuse organization or person the SEU membership, applicant preserve right to make another application to the Council or to appeal to the SEU Conference.