Socio-ecological Union

The Home We Built,
The Roof We Share

The Basement   A layered construction   Diversity  
Structuring   The doors are open


  The Sixth Conference of the Socio-Ecological Union (September 1997, Kazakhstan) opened an epoch of internal structuring of SEU. Its inhabitants, remaining SEUites, began to become united in their interests, or more accurately put, in the resolving of problems. At the Conference there were founded Programs:
- «Ecosettlement XXI Century»,
- «Nuclear and Radiation Safety»,
- «Chemical Safety»,
- «Ecological Education»,
- «SEU-CCI»,
- «Public Evaluation of Ecological Activity»,
  and after the Conference:
- «Local Initiatives - Alternative Humanity»,
- «Health of Children. Environment. Safety».
  Each of the associations of participants in the programs are SEU in miniature, although to different degrees.