Socio-ecological Union

The Home We Built,
The Roof We Share

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Structuring   The doors are open

The doors are open

  On the average once a week there comes to the Council of the SEU a request for SEU membership, although no one undertakes special campaigns to attract new members. And membership in the SEU, it would seem, gives no special advantages. We share everything with which we are rich, independent of membership. In the list of free postal delivery of the SEU newspaper «Bereginya» that are about 900 addresses while Vesti SEU», with all sorts of inserts, goes out to more than 1600 activists in the ecological movement, only a half of which are SEUites.
  The doors of the Center for Coordination and Information, its shelves with newspapers and books are open to all - no one at the entry asks for a membership card.
  Why join the SEU, that a delicate question which is not asked; if you ask you may not receive a frank answer.
  In our times of crisis the Socio-Ecological Union seems like a brightly lit home in a winter’s night.
  It is a roof over the head during bad weather.
  Its inhabitants will run out in defense if someone attacked you.
  When you go into the home you will meet understanding, warmth and care.
  In this home something is always going on, new ideas are being given birth, interesting discussions are going on, enthusiastic people meet together.
  Yes, this picture is the ideal, to which we striving. And now its already 12 years that those who go in and who stay have not dried out. Founded in the USSR, the Socio-Ecological Union has a long time ago gotten outside its borders, crossed over oceans and its friends live on all the inhabited continents of the planet.

Welcome aboard.

Post office:
Russia 121019 Moscow PO Box 211;
Tel./fax: (095) 124-7934;
Svyatoslav Zabelin