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May 2003
Memorandum of the International Socio-Ecological Union for the 5th European conference of ministers Environment for Europe and for the International conference of the Eco-Forum of NGOs (May 2003, Kiev, Ukraine)

December 2002
Pelicans and swans "nested" near Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow.

November 2002
Save the Danube biosphere reserve!
This page is devoted to one endangered territory - the Danube biosphere reserve. To protect the Danube delta ecosystems several years ago the Danube biosphere reserve was created. It is located in the Ukrainian part of the Danube delta.

June 2002
Supreme Court Upholds Pasko Treason Sentence
In a major upset for environmental and human rights activists worldwide, Russia's Supreme Court's military collegium June, 25 upheld a treason verdict against Vladivostok-based military journalist and environmental whistle-blower Grigory Pasko.

April 2002
The "Snowdrop" operation has begun in Volgograd region

December 2001 -- 2002
Support Grigory Pasko!
The military court in Vladivostok finds Grigory Pasko guilty of high treason. The decision is based on secret military decree recently declared as illegal and invalid by the Russian Supreme Court.

November 2001
The Newsletter of the Socio-Ecological Union A Center for Coordination and Information

April 2001
Here You can find The Draft Project of Russian Ecological Doctrine suggested by Russian Environmental NGOs community. It was prepared in response to an idea of President Putin who said once that such a Doctrine should finally take place in Russia

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