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  Since February, 28 on the White sea the fishery of pups of seal - whitecoats has began. They are killed to get their fluffy white fur. The International Socio-ecological Union (ISEU) acts against that barbarity and asks children and adults to stand up for nice small animals just came into the world.

  What can you do?

  Do not buy produce made of fur of whitecoat and suint (newly born and four weeks-old pups of seal). Tell your friends and acquaintances of the facts related to production of this fur.

  Ask your children to draw whitecoats and send these pictures with signature to the President of Russia V.Putin.

  Send the letter to the President of Russia with request to him to cancel the veto, which he have earlier interposed to passed by the State Duma law on protection of animals against cruel treatment. Send the letter to the Government of Russia for it to introduce to the State Duma for ratification Agreement on international standards of humane catching of wild animals signed by EU, Canada and Russia, in which hunt for whitecoats is banned.

  To tell about the action to persuade more (as many as possible) people to take part in it. If the office of the President will receive thousands of these letters, may be he would listen to voices of children and stop this bad business.

  Send your letter for protection of seal-pups from you personally and on behalf your organization, engage your friends and relatives. Do it today!

  The example of the letter you can get from our website: or by e-mail, having addressed to SEU CCI:

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