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  To the President of Russian Federation,
  Vladimir Putin
  4 Staraya Ploschad, Moscow, Russia 103132
  Fax: 7 (095) 205-4330, 206-5173

  To the Chairman of Government of Russian Federation
  Mikhail Kassianov
  2 Podchelskaya St., Moscow, Russia 103274
  2 Krasnopresnenskaya Nab., Moscow, Russia 103274
  Fax: 7 (095) 205-67-70

To the President of Russian Federation,
Vladimir Putin

  Mr. President!

  I am worried about the problem of killing of whitecoats - the calves of the Greenland seal - in a civilized country like Russia. That barbarous process is conducted every year in two regions of Russia - Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions.

  In the end of February the narrow entrance to White Sea is the only place in Russia, where the Greenland seals are breed. It becomes a "maternity home" for thousands of newly born whitecoats. There they are born, and there they are perish from bullets, gaffs and bludgeons.

  Russia still practices that cruel business. Meanwhile, Europe has refused it. Moreover, import of products made of whitecoats' fur is forbidden in several European countries. In Canada - the second important habitat of Greenland seals - the tourism is developed, which incomes are estimated in several millions of dollars.

  In Russia there is a different situation. In the old way, every year unprofitable Greenland seal-fishery moved by infinite state subsidies sacrifices money from animals killing, that was carried out at the expense of state budget, to a small group of crafty traffickers. The inhabitants of coast-dwellers' villages, who live in extreme poverty and are forgotten by local authorities, have no any hopes for future. Fur-seal fishery, which lasts on average two weeks, does not give them opportunity to earn money.

  It is necessary for the state actively to promote tourism in unique places of the White Sea. The fact of birth of whitecoats on the coast of White Sea is not the cause for their slaughter and gaining of short-term benefit, but it is the opportunity for tourism creation and its long-term development involving local people. The population of the settlements will get legal opportunity to secure deserved income from service of the visitors, including foreign ones. The state in its' turn gets opportunity for completion of state budget, what does not happen at killing of whitecoats. It also is an outlet, which will rescue the whitecoats, and will help the inhabitants coast-dweller's villages to live not on the verge of abject poverty, but to earn adequate means of subsistence.

  I call upon to you, mister President, personally to stop killing of whitecoats on the coast of White Sea. You have promised to Bridget Bardo to do that, when have agreed to sign the Law of Russian Federation "About Protection of Animals Against Cruel Treatment" in December 1999. But the draft of the Law, which you received among the first bills after your inauguration to the post of President of Russian Federation, was turned down by you January 3, 2000. Millions of animals have stay now without protection, and people have no more hope that Russia at last will stop killling of whitecoats, and will treat to other animals in more humane way.

  I urge you to withdraw the veto, which you imposed on the Law, and to initiate its passing. Especially because the Russian parliament already has passed this important legal act. The next step is your.

  I ask you to inform me of consideration of my letter, and to send the answer on the address...





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