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Lets Ask Yushenko To Save Danube reserve

Dear Friends!

The confirmation of Viktor Yushchenko as new Ukrainian President has given new hopes to us, campaigners against the plans of the former administration to drive a deep-water canal through that part of the core area of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve located in the Ukrainian Republic.

As you may know, Ukraine now has a new president, Mr Yushchenko, who claimed that all civil rights in Ukraine will be observed. We now need the international society to write to him and appeal to him to take action to save the reserve.

He has now been proclaimed officially winner of the elections and inauguration will take place shortly.

(as you also may know, the former Transport Minister who was the prime mover behind the canal plan, Mr.Kirpa was killed or committed suicide. He was believed to have been one of the treasurers of the illegal slush funds of the previous govt D.C.) I would like your assistance with drafting a letter from the international community to the new President.

We should ask the relevant EU commission to tackle the new president on the issue - as they were very supportive of him during his election campaign (as a pro-European democratic candidate)

Will you help us one more time - now there is a real hope of change?


Lend your support to Proact assistance for Ukrainian conservationists by sending an email, letter or fax to President Viktor Yuschenko - to convince him to reverse the previous government's policy which violated its own legislation and international agreements.

Use the draft text below or write in your own words to the President using the email link or the numbers and addresses provided below.

Email addresses:

copy to

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