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\\ | // BOBAC \\ | // Ukrainian coalition "For Wild Nature" (# 52 December 26, 2004)


1_ Because of snatching especially preserved territories of Crimea.
2_ Because of grabing botanical gardens.
3_ Because of plundering especially preserved territories of Kiev.
4_ Because of destroying the Danube biosphere reserve.
5_ Because of hunting on especially preserved territories.
December 2, 2004 in Kiev the Ukrainian coalition "For the wild nature", Kiev eclogical-cultural center, Environmental group "Pechenegi" and " Green future" (a team of nature conservation of the biological department of the Kiev national university) hold a press conference "Why are ecologists against Kuchma, Yanukovich and Kirpa?"

The press conference became if not a chronicle, then a summary of stealing the preserved territories of Ukraine by it's government officials...

O. LISTOPAD (Chairman of the Ukrainian coalition "For the wild nature"):
"The Crimean salutary and sanitary significance depends strongly on it's woods. Now it may well be that we lose them. Thus, in October, 2004 the Yalta mountain woods reserve has been cutted down nearly for 350 ha. The Nikitsky botanical garden, having not been touched even by fascists, now also diminishs so as to build cottages. Building up the territory progresses inspite of protests of the office of public prosecutor and ministers of ecology (truth to tell, the present minister S. Polyakov didn't protested against this at all).The supervision of the Crimean reserve lately has been handed to the President's administration. What for? Our president hasn't yet showed too much love to the nature. Mischorsky, Massandrovsky and Forossky parks are also being builded up progressively. At the same time, the economics being "rising up", there's no money to reconstruct the parks, to delimit their territory on the spot. The sanitary zone is being privatized as well.

Crimea is being builded up unduly at full speed. Today we have the third head of ecological inspection in Yalta - both his predecessors are under examination. A close investigation would reveal contacts between companies licenced for building work and the company L. Kuchma keeps".

V. BOREYKO (director if the Kiev eclogical-cultural center):
"300 ha of the Yalta reserve were turned into a residence for the RF President Vladimir Putin.

L. Kuchma likes to do some shooting. V. Putin has once allowed him to build a hunting lodge near Moscow, right in Zavidovo (formerly it was the renowned Zavidovo hunting ground, the place where Hruschev, Bregnev, F. Castro and others hunted, and nowadays it is the Russian President residence "Rus"). In answer to this, Kuchma gave him a ground in Crimea. Firstly it was 20 ha in size, then 50, 60, 70; after improving the infrastructure it grew up to 300 ha. It's interest to note, that those who was responcible of building the Kuchma's residence in Zavidovo was the Ukrainian minister of transport G. Kirpa."

* * *

I. PARNIKOZA ("The green future"):
" Yanukovich has been supported by the Moscow patriarchy of the Orthodox Church only. It was caused particularly by him rendering assistance to Svyato-uspensky monastery. The latter is contiguous with national reservation "Svyaty gory" (Donetsk region). Now the monastery, having turned to lavra with Yanucovich's assistance, has pretensions to 51 ha of preserved nature to build "lavra khutors" and "constructions and churches of the XIX century". It is not clear why constructing point objects requires 51 ha...

Ioninsky monastery in Kiev advances a claim on a plot now included in the National botanical garden of Ukraine. It's interests are being lobbied by vice-premier D. Tabachnik. Notable is the fact that Ioninsky monastery was founded in the XIX century and closed on the eve of revolution for violating financial activity.

* * *

"V. Yanukovich has a considerable assistance in the Verkhovna Rada (the ukrainian parlement), and a solidary team in the ministry. The people won't lose the chance.

Puscha-Voditsya, a forestland of Kiev outskirts, can trace it's origin from the very Kiev Rus' times. October, 2004 about 500 ha of the land were transmitted to the Ukrainian President's administration as if to broaden out it's sanatorium. Later 200 ha were put under dispensation: among those who had luck to get plots almost free of charge there are leader of former parlament majority, former chairman of Yanukovich's election campaign staff S. Gavrish; G. Kirpa and his daughter; minister of defense of Ukraine N. Bilokon and others. Yet it was just the first round of embezzlement.

November 18 still 378 ha of the forestland were distributed - this time among deputies of Kievrada (Kiev city council), who lobbied previous dispensation".

K. BORISENKO ("The green future"):
In Kiev, V. Yanukovich first of all took notice of the park-memorial of landscape architecture Feofania, situated at the south of the city. To build up cottages for faithful officials, Kievrada took two decisions: the first one in 2003 changed status of nearly 30 ha of the park from preserved to ordinary forest, second condemned the park to "reconstruction". 2004 year, a draft of reconstruction of total cost 112.000.000 grn. was approved, and paid for from the Kiev and state budgets.

Dispencing Feofania began last year (5 plots 10 ha each) and proceeded this year: 22 plots 10 ha of the same size - passed to deputies K. Vaschuk, M. Gapochka, I. Sharov, M. Dobkin and others (judging from list of those who applications for park reconstruction). Some of those who possessed land of Feofania, got plots in Puscha-Voditsya.

After land of Feofania were transferred to the the forest area, they were claimed to lose their nature value and allotted for housing. The real cost of Feofania plots is about $3.000 for are and therefore a plot costs $300.000...

November 25, the ministry decreed that there's created a fenced area belonging to Feofania. It is the very place where you can expect two- and three-storyed cottages to shoot up..."

* * *

S. SHAPARENKO (Chairman of the Ecological group "Pechenegi" council):
"Despite current opinion, activity of the minister of transport G. Kirpa is not aimed to restore the economy but to peculation the budget. Last weeks mass media again glorified advisability of Danube-Black sea canal, celebrating 200-th vessel jubilee and so on. At the same time, Mintrans stably doesn't note that before shipping canal through Bystre estuary was opened, vessels have floated across the Ukrainian part of the delta - through the Connective canal of the Ust-Dunaysk port. The Bystre canal having been opened, vessel passing through Ust-Dunaysk was abolished, yet it didn't raise the number of users: through Bystre canal passed nearlu as much vessels, as formerly did through the Connective one! What were the funds of Bystre canal constructing used for? Why? Mintrans completely neglected Ukrainian and international public opinion. It is guilty in Ukraine breaking 7 international agreements, what is not the right way to EC."

* * *

V. SESIN (assistant of Ukrainian deputy O. Golub):
"Our mighty of this world aren't satisfied with hunting in generally accepted places. L. Kuchma needs the Crimean reserve to establish "tsar's huntings"; he has a lodge there, and visits it himself or being accompanied by his friends, for example, V. Putin. At the time of them staying, the employees are simply not allowed to enter the reserve's territory - "we have eminent guests..." V. Yanukovich has seized Dneprovsko-Teterevskoe forestry (Kiev region) while being a premier for 2 years. Before that it was subordinated to State forest committee, nowadays - to the Ukrainian ministry itself. A man of Kuchma's, former director of Ukrainian petroleum and gas company I. Bakay, has long ago crushed down the Trahtemirovsky regional landscape park. At the present time it is enclosed with fence nobody exept local habitants permitted to walk through. This is the place where I. Bakay hunts regularly".

"Azovo-Sivashsky national reservation, as far as the Crimean reserve, has recently been handed to the Ukrainian President administration. Here the Biryuchy island became a real den for hunting poachers. State inspectors can't get in there, the director of the park (to say the truth, a special safari) Ghukov threatens to beat them unmercifully: "We are set up for elite, for the respectable people!" But after elite departs, ordinary poachers move up on the island, being just as not controlled. It came to present minister of ecology S. Polyakov to appeal to the Office of Public Prosecutor to examine this problem. V. Yanukovich promised the parliament let not homeless children be offended. In reply to this, V. Yuschenko noticed that at present time hunting grounds' running costs are far larger then the funds Ukrainian government appropriate to 0.5 million of homeless children".

"1. We require from the Ukrainian Ministry of nature to withdraw their signatures under all nature-destroying documents they've signed last years.

2. We require from the Office of Public Prosecutor to investigate the aforesaid cases with the object to nature-conservating law infringement.

3. We require from the next President of Ukraine to stop the lawlessness in the ecological sphere and don't allow it in the future.

From our part we promise to continue tracing the situation with the nature conservation later on and to lay strictures on the next President and government of Ukraine if such infringements appear".

V. Boreyko
V. Sesin
I. Parnikoza
K. Borisenko
O. Listopad
S. Shaparenko

We are grateful for the translation of materials M. Shevchenko
("Green Future", Kiev).

Prepared by EnG "Pechenegi"
Ukrainian coalition "For the wild nature"

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