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Since May 1 to December 1, 2004 in support of Danube Biosphere Reserve have acted 51.123 organizations and individual citizens from 90 countries of the world (detail see on



Assistants of the Ministry of transport felt into absurdity in their efforts by counting sockets and indoor plants in the office of Danube biosphere reserve (further DBR).The resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers, including G.Kirpa (the chief of the Ministry of transport) became a “pleasant surprise” for executors of the Ministry’s of transport orders. On November 30, life of DBR became a bit easier. Two computers were finally returned to the office, the administration became able to pay for the electricity and give the salary to employees.

But already on December 1 new trouble came. This time it was The Office of Public Transport prosecutor with the Decree about realization of inventory, Izmailskij department of the Statement service for prevention of economical criminality in Odessa region and Control-inspective Department (CID)of Odessa region, heading by assistant chief of regional CID I.V. Mironyuk. There were about 12-13 inspecting people. (Last time Odessa CID checked the Danube reserve in September 2004. No infringements were found).

According to paragraph 2 of the Decree, employees of the Vilkovo town council should be involved in the inspection. However, mayor declared that all his people were busy on that time.The investigator couldn’t explain anything in this occasion and answered that it has been the order of higher authorities.

Inspectors have been checking up the DBR’s ranger houses and reception-rooms. This inspection surprise – sockets, indoor plants were placed in the inventory; inspectors measured old carpets and counted the number of pillowslips. (After that inspection went even further - to check apartments of the DBR employees).

Doing this “interesting” inspection the auditors got the news about the resignation of the Government, including the main enemy of DBR - G.Kirpa.

DBR’s collective has been resisting the impact of corruption officials for several years, defending national property of Ukraine. There is a hope that with upcoming changes in Ukraine the improvement of the situation for DBR will come.

Officially nobody canceled the construction of a navigable channel through the specially protected zone of DBR. Although suction dredger of Mebius company hasn’t been working for 3 weeks, lying inactive on Ptichya spit. This is the spit where barbarian construction killed bird’s colonies this summer.

Maybe it’s enough experiments with Ukrainian nature, it’s international reputation and it’s courageous people?

O. Zakharova (International Socio-ecological Union)

Danube Biosphere Nature Reserve: Director. Alexander Voloshkevich; Ph. \fax: (04843) 4-46-19 or 3-11-95;

Prepared by the Environmental group "Pechenegy"
The Ukrainian coalition "For the Wild Nature"

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