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Release Andrey Zatoka!

Save Seal Pups!

Save Belovezhskaya Pushcha - unique European forest

Save Farid Tukhbatullin!

Far East Seas, Whales and Oil Drilling

Save the Danube biosphere reserve!

Protest Against Nuclear Waste Shipment to Russia

Pasko Needs Help Help Grigory Pasko!

The Newsletter of the Socio-Ecological Union A Center for Coordination and Information


The "Snowdrop" operation

Nature in War
The Israeli aggression Against Environmental security in Palestine

Action against GMOs: We modify our plants today - tomorrow they will modify us

"Green Kingdom" Annual Outdoor Camp

Region: Russia
Author: Margarita Pochitaeva, ISEU - Republic of Mari-El, Middle Volga Region
Budget: $1738
Goal: To support locally-run annual environmental activities for children of different ages, nationalities and social status
Comment: Environmental camps and outdoor expeditions promote respect for traditional cultures, human diversity, and nature protection

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