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Ecosettlements for the XXI century is a SEU program, gathering different NGOs. It was adopted by the 6th SEU conference and has made significant progress since then.

Today ecosettlements could be considered almost the only most efficient way for mankind shift to the ecolifestyle, forming not only sustainable living style but also new relationship type, human and not technical, centered.

The introduction of environmental friendly housing hits two targets - first, it is the basis for the new type of human communities, second - it is the way to reduce considerably man pressure on environment. The environment friendly housing introduction without a life quality loss is a way for civilization to shift smoothly to eco and not technical, lifestyle.

Program is to be continued for 30 years. It consists of five stages. Within first 4 stages it is planned to launch and develop the system of environmental friendly housing

Currently the work of the basic cottage models for Novosibirsk region - which is specific for its wide temperature range is almost finished.

The ECODOM leader Igor Ogorodnikov has a bold goal to develop different project designs for different climate zones, with relevant construction material and technical appliances use.

Today ECODOM cooperates with all three sectors of the society - the Ecodom project in year 1995 won the first prize at the Federal "Own House" contest, and since then was admitted of high state priority at the different authority level.

Ecodom has also developed close contacts with national and foreign building industry, and exchange of information, as well as cooperation on the environmentally sound construction technologies' development proved to be useful.

The cooperation within the NGO community is also crucial, and Ecodom is participant of several networks. The environment friendly housing network within CIS was established with support and initiative of the Sacred Earth Network, in the spring of 1997. NGOs from different regions and states agreed to exchange information and cooperate on the ecovillage network development.

Besides lobbying and technology, the most crucial part is a grassroots level work. The real shift will come in when only the real decision makers, in this case - people who make decision to build the Environment friendly house, the Ecodom, are getting involved.

On the March 13 the workshop for those who made decision to be a part of ecosettlement in the Novosibirsk suburb was held by Ecodom. Probably, this date after all should be considered a day that starts history of the Ecodom "on the ground".

ECODOM starts publishing a series of practical recommendations for Ecodom construction, and the pilot issue of the first book is out already. After the authors receive comments and questions, the final version, corrected according to comments, will be compiled.

Program coordinator: Igor A. Ogorodnikov
Tel: +7 (095) (3832) 34-46-29, 34-19-77; E-mail:;
Nikolaeva st., 8-307 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia