Socio-ecological Union

"VIOLA" is   a   non-governmental  organization,  officially registered in 1993, 
the 15th of October.  Our aims  are  to  prevent  the global environmental crisis, 
destruction of the unique species and  landscapes,  to  stop  the production  
detrimental  to  the  Nature.

We try  to  realize  the  conception  of   the   sustainable development, and "the 
rational consumption". We  find out the ecological problems that can affect the future 
of our region and our country. We consolidate all the people who can assist in solving 
these problems, and also scientists, teachers, students and others. We're constantly 
looking for new ways  of  creating  harmony between Nature and Man.

     - protection of nature value of  forest
     - protection of biodiversity and landscapes
     - propaganda of nature protection and ecoculture
     - control of the products quality and drinking water
     - maintanence of "the sustainable development" conception
     - development of NGO's  sector  influence  in  the  region
     - environmental education

     Universities and  schools  teachers,  students,  scientists, doctors  are  the  
basis  of  "VIOLA".  Every body is welcomed to "VIOLA". The  participators  of  our  
projects  are  journalists, non-commercial organizations staff,  administration  and  
state  organizations officials, pensioners. Our organization  is the umbrella for the 
following unions - 7 basic ecocentres and 4 departments of  NGO:
     - the  eco-social  unity  "An Ecologist",
     - woman non-professional organization "Provincial Women",
     - ecological organization "Temple of Nature",
     - youth organization "Sustainable Development"

     We have COOPERATED  with  the  following  organizations and funds: CCI, 
USAID/ISAR   (USA),   MacArthur,    Milieukontakt OOST-Europa,  Activity Fund, Embassy 
of the Netherland in Moscow, XminY  Fund (The Netherlands), USAID/IREX (Moscow), 
EECONET Action Fund (the Netherlands).

     AWARDS: National  Awards,  Henry  Ford European Conservation Awards 1996/1997.

Our organization created the first  non-governmental  natural reserve in Russia.  The 
goal  of this project is protection and conservation of valuable nature  plot which is 
the habitat  of rare animals and plants included into the International Red Book of 
IUCN. Nowadays we are working out  a plan of management for this territory.

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241000, Bryansk, RUSSIA                  E-mail: