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Russian Ecological Doctrine

Russian Ecological Doctrine represents official attitude to the principles, main priorities, ways and means to provide for the sustainable development of Russian Federation and for the environment protection in mid term (up to year 2010) prospective. Doctrine provides basis for the Russian State ecological policy.


  1. Constitutional basis and strategic goals of the Russian state ecological policy
  2. Main principles of the Russian ecological policy
  3. State ecological policy main directions
    3.1. Providing for ecologically safe energy production development
    3.2. Providing for the ecological safety of the industry development
    3.3. Organization of the nature resources sustainable use
    3.4. Providing for ecologically safe transport development
    3.5. Territorial environmental policy
    3.6. Protection of the human health related to environmental conditions
    3.7. Civic society as ecological policy instrument
    3.8. Natural and cultural heritage conservation
    3.19. Ecological safety of military armed forces and space activities
    3.10. Participation in transnational problem solutions
  4. State ecological policy implementation
    4.1. State management system development for ecological policy implementation
    4.2. Economical mechanisms for ecological policy implementation
    4.3. Financial mechanisms for ecological policy implementation
    4.4. Ensuring protection of constitutional rights
    4.5. Information on ecological policy
    4.6. Ecological culture


For Russian State Ecological Doctrine implementation Government develops long term, midterm and logterm action plans on environment protection and non-exhaustive rational resource use, as well as national plans of environmental health protection, actively involving public in plan development and decision-making process.

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