Socio-ecological Union

(Memomorandum of understanding and cooperation)

Based on discussions between SEU, USAID and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we, the undersigned, hereby agree to this Memorandum of Understanding concerning potential cooperation among our organizations for the purpose of promoting the development and strengthening of non-governmental organizations, the private sector and other related activities in the field of environment, sustainable development and the protection of nature in Russia and neighbouring countries of New Independent States (NIS).

We believe that the support of the ecological movement of NIS is necessary both for development of democracy and for prevention the global ecological crisis. We also believe that our common work will strengthen the relationships between the peoples of USA, Russia and other involved countries.


To enhance the effective use of human, material and financial resources of the parties of this agreement, the parties agree to the following priority goals:

  • improvement of capacities of NGOs of Russia and other NIS to install stable communications between themselves and their partners in USA and across the world;
  • creation and enhancement of the alternative systems of gathering and dessimination of environmental information;
  • promotion for the specific environmentally sound projects, developed by organizations and individuals in all sectors of society.


In keeping with goals outlined above, USAID and SEU, propose to undertake efforts to organize support and technical assistance:

  • for development of modern systems of communications between NGOs on the territorry of NIS and out of it, including an electronic mail network,
  • for special radio & TV programs, newspapers and magazines,
  • for environmental education programs and initiatives, including publications of special books, games, etc, for children firstly,
  • for enhancement of capabilities of NGO to manage independent environmental monitoring,
  • for the promotion of new legislation implementation by citizens, organizations and communities;
  • for development of ecologically desirable use and restoration of natural resources, including farming, energy production, waste management and other similar kinds of private activities;
  • for programs of saving, protection and restoration of biological diversity and natural and cultural heritage, etc.


Under the agreement the SEU propose to take upon itself responsiblity to organize:

  • developing of existing system of open data bases on ecological NGO and environmentally sound commercial activities in the NIS,
  • promotion of expansion of electronic mail net-work for communication of NGO activities,
  • collection from NGOs and individuals from Russia and neighbouring countries of NIS and first stage assessments of specific projects on the topics, mentioned above and other interesting for both sides, for funding consideration by USAID,
  • technical assistance for NGO and individuals in the process of preparation of their proposals according to procedures as approved by USAID,
  • receiving and distribution of financial and material resources and other forms of assistance and support between NGOs and individuals participating in ecological movement,
  • monitoring and oversight responsibilities for money and assessment of environmental and social effectiveness of the projects implemented by local NGOs and individuals.


Under the agreement, USAID propose to take upon itself the responsibility to organize:

  • the receipt and assessment of common and specific projects and programs proposed by SEU,
  • the financial, material and technical assistance for projects choosen by both sides under the procedures adopted in the USAID,
  • the monitoring and assessment of environmental and social effectiveness of supported projects.


All information about the implementation of this agreement is open for NGOs of the USA, Russia and involved countries to enhance the climate of confidence between participants of environmental movement and our peoples.

Executed in Moscow on August 6 1992 in two copies in English, all texts having equal significance.

Signed by:

Dr. Arthur Dennis Long

For SEU:
Dr. Sviatoslav I. Zabelin