Socio-ecological Union

The letter to His Excellency Junichiro Koizumi Office of the Prime Minister of Japan March 14, 2005

Memorandum of the International Socio-Ecological Union for the 5th European conference of ministers Environment for Europe and for the International conference of the Eco-Forum of NGOs (May 2003, Kiev, Ukraine), May 7, 2003

Enhancing Civil Society Engagement in the Work of UNEP. Issues Paper on GC 21/19. Draft IV - 23 October 2001

The Draft Project of Russian Ecological Doctrine suggested by Russian Encvironmental NGOs community.

Charter of the Socio-ecological Union

Socio-ecological Agreement

Statement on the Socio-Ecological Union's Goals and Tasks
Adopted by 6th SEU Conference, September 28, 1997

Agreement of cooperation between
the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
and Socio-ecological Union (SEU)

Memorandum of Understanding and cooperation
August 6, 1992