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  GE - Resource list from Luke Anderson luke@togg.freeserve.co.uk

  There are hundreds of groups around the world campaigning on genetic engineering issues. While some choose to focus on the genetic engineering of crops, others focus on patenting. Some want complete bans, some the labelling of genetically engineered products, and others moratoriums, while others are simply concentrating on raising public awareness in any way they can. Listed below are just a few of these groups and organisations-if you don't find the information you are seeking here, many of these groups may be able to put you in touch with other sources of information and support. First points of contact in the UK
  Genetic Engineering Network, PO Box 9656, London N4 4JY. Tel: 0181 374 9516. info@genetix.freeserve.co.uk, www.dmac.co.uk/gen.html Valuable first point of contact which aims to provide information that helps people to take action. Puts individuals in touch with different national and international campaigns, and especially local groups throughout the country. Offers help on a range of issues, e.g. how to set up a campaign in your area, ideas for protests and things you can do if you don't have much time to spare. Also publish bi-monthly newsletter, Genetix Update.

  Greenpeace UK 'True Food Campaign', Canonbury Villas, Islington, London, N1 2PN. Tel: 0171 865 8100. info@greenpeace.org.uk, www.truefood.org Working with consumers, food professionals, retail outlets, gardeners, restaurants and the food industry to provide practical ways to stop the genetic engineering of food and to promote organic. Provide campaigning material including leaflets, stickers, briefings etc. Greenpeace has 110 local groups around the country, all of whom are campaigning on this issue. Daily news updates on their website. See also Greenpeace International on p.125.

  Friends Of the Earth Campaign for Real Food, 26-28 Underwood Street, London N1 7JQ. Tel: 0171 490 1555, Fax: 490 0881. info@foe.co.uk, www.foe.org.uk/camps/foodbi o/index.htm Has 250 local groups campaigning on GE. Very active on government and regulatory issues, and putting pressure on retailers. Also involved in legal challenges on issues such as field trials and seed laws. FOE provides free briefings and leaflets on GE as well as a monthly news update on their website.

  Soil Association, Bristol House, 40-56 Victoria Street, Bristol BS1 6BY. Tel: 0117 914 2449, Fax: 0117 925 2504. info@soilassociation.org, www.soilassociation.org Leading organic food and farming charity, representing both farmers and consumers. Actively campaigning for a ban on GE in agriculture in the UK. Provides free information on organic farming and GE, including campaign leaflets, technical briefings, scientific papers and info on what you can do.

  Women's Environmental Network, 87 Worship Street, London EC2A 2BE. Tel: 0171 247 3327, Fax: 0171 247 4740. testtube@gn.apc.org, www.gn.apc.org/wen WEN has a core group of geneticists and biologists, and is very active and well informed on GE issues. Information packs available with detailed information about GE-related issues, and also practical campaigning resources with ideas for action that can be taken by individuals and groups.

  Totnes Genetics Group, PO Box 77, Totnes, TQ9 5ZJ. Tel: 01803 840098, Fax: 864591. info@togg.freeserve.co.uk, http://visitweb.com/togg Very active community-based campaign in South Devon. Provides speakers, info, resources, ideas, support, street theatre, and other ideas for local campaigning. Website contains contact details of local groups throughout the UK, links to other groups and practical campaigning information. Other campaigns in the UK

  ActionAid, Campaigns, Hamlyn House, Macdonald Road, Archway, London N19 5PG. Tel: 0171 561 7611, Fax: 0171 281 5146. campaigns@actionaid.org.uk, www.actionaid.org Active at a grass roots level in 30 countries. Working on an international food rights campaign, and is increasingly focused on GE and patenting. Published a report on Astra-Zeneca in May 99-see their website.

  Campaign against Human Genetic Engineering, PO Box 6313, London N16 0DY. cahge@globalnet.co.uk Opposes the genetic engineering of humans. Also working on related issues such as genetic discrimination and eugenics.

  Compassion in World Farming, Charles House, 5A Charles Street, Petersfield GU32 3EH. Tel: 01730 264208 / 268863, Fax: 01730 260791. compassion@ciwf.co.uk, www.ciwf.co.uk Concerned about the genetic engineering of animals and xenotransplantation. Provides videos and other resources suitable for use in schools, etc.

  Earth First! UK www.snet.co.uk/ef/ 63 local groups in the UK. Activities include grassroots organising, civil disobedience and direct action. Important network for radical environmental activists and covers anti-GE protest in its monthly newsletter (contact actionupdate@gn.apc.org or send s.a.e. c/o Cornerstone Resource Centre, 16 Sholebroke Avenue, Leeds LS7 3HB. 01132 629 365).

  The Gaia Foundation, 18 Well Walk, Hampstead, London NW3 1LD. Tel: 0171 435 5000, Fax: 0171 431 0551. gaiafund@gn.apc.org Links with farmers, scientists and grass roots organisations in Third World. Raises awareness about the impact of GE and patenting in these countries.

  Genetix Food Alert, c/o 23 Fleming Street, Glasgow G31 1PQ. Tel: 0141 554 6099, Fax: 0141 556 5589. www.essential-trading.co.uk/genetix.htm Initiative founded by the UK wholefood trade to source and supply GE-free products. Provides practical information about these issues.

  GeneWatch UK, The Courtyard, Whitecross Road, Tideswell, Buxton SK17 8NY. Tel: 01298 871898, Fax: 01298 872531. gene.watch@dial.pipex.com, www.genewatch.org/ Specialises in the science, ethics, risks and regulation of GE. Undertakes research and analysis on its implications. Published a detailed report in June 1999 on the releases of GE microorganisms into the environment.

  Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA), Ryton Organic Gardens, Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Coventry CV21 3LG. Tel: 01203 303517, Fax: 01203 639229. rog@hdra.org.uk, www.hdra.org.uk Europe's largest organic association, which researches and provides advice on organic gardening and growing. Runs schemes to preserve traditional vegetable varieties which would otherwise be casualties of EC legislation.

  International Society for Ecology and Culture, Apple Barn, Week, Dartington, Totnes, Devon TQ9 6JP. www.isec.org.uk Affiliated to the International Forum on Globalisation. Write to ISEC for information on globalisation/free trade issues.

  The Pesticides Trust, Eurolink Centre, 49 Effra Road, London SW2 1BZ. Tel: 0171 274 8895, Fax: 0171 274 9084. pesttrust@gn.apc.org, www.gn.apc.org/pesticidestrust A charity addressing the health and environmental problems of pesticides and working for a sustainable future. Has newsletter and publications list.

  Other international and national organisations Action for Solidarity, Equality, Environment and Development (ASEED), PO Box 92066, 1090AB Amsterdam, Holland. Tel: 20 66 82 236, Fax: 20 66 50 166. aseedeur@antenna.nlM, http://antenna.nl/aseed/ Global youth network focusing on issues of environment and development. Initiates and coordinates actions and campaigns. ASEED Europe comprises organisations and individuals in over 30 European countries.

  Australian Gene Ethics Network (AGEN), 340 Gore St, Fitzroy 3065, Victoria, Australia. Tel: 03 9416 2222, Fax: 03 9416 0767. acfgenet@peg.apc.org, www.zero.com.au/agen/ Federation of groups and individuals in Australia promoting critical discussion and debate on the environmental, social and ethical impacts of GE.

  Campaign for Food Safety (Formerly Pure Food Campaign), 860 Highway 61, Little Marais, Minnesota 55614, USA. Tel: 218 226 4164, Fax: 218 226 4157. alliance@mr.net, www.purefood.org/index.htm Dedicated to healthy, safe, and sustainable systems of food production. Acts as a global clearinghouse for info on GE; offers grassroots technical assistance.

  Council for Responsible Genetics, 5 Upland Road, Suite 3, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA. Tel: 617 868 0870, Fax: 617 491 5344. marty@gene-watch.org, www.gene-watch.org Focuses on human genetics issues including genetic discrimination and patenting. Also active on biosafety and consumer 'right to know' issues. Produces and distributes educational materials.

  The Edmonds Institute, 20319-92nd Avenue West, Edmonds, Washington 98020, USA. Tel: 425-775-5383, Fax: 425-670-8410. beb@igc.org, www.edmonds-institute.org Conducts research, answers inquiries, publishes policy analysis and scientific thought pieces, distributes information, sponsors public workshops, provides expert witnesses at national events and for international bodies engaged in decision-making. Disseminates information about and criticism of technology assessment, encourages pro bono research and policy analysis by scientists and scholars, and seeks to create alliances and coalitions with like-minded organisations and individuals. Contact: Beth Burrows.

  Genetic Concern, Camden House, 7 Upper Camden Street, Dublin 2, Ireland. Tel: 353 1 476 0360, Fax: 353 1 476 0361. geneticconcern@tinet.ie, www.vibrantplanet.com/geneti cconcern/ Provides info and promotes debate on GE issues. Has campaigned against the releases of GE crops in Ireland, challenging them in the Irish Courts.

  Genetic Resources Action International (GRAIN), Girona 25, pral. E-08010 Barcelona, Spain. Tel: 34 93 301 1381, Fax: 34 93 301 1627. grain@bcn.servicom.es, www.grain.org International NGO with offices in Spain and the Philippines, established in 1990 to help further a global movement of popular action against the threat of genetic erosion. Very well informed on patenting, biodiversity, etc.

  Greeenpeace International, Chaussesstr. 131-10115 Berlin, Germany. Tel: 49 30 30 889914, Fax: 889930. www.greenpeace.org/~geneng/ International environmental organisation that both lobbies and takes non-violent direct action. Opposed to the release of genetically manipulated organisms into the environment. Their new GE website includes info on a range of issues, as well as press releases, information about actions, etc.

  Organic Consumers Association, 860 Highway 61, Little Marais, MN 55614, USA. Tel: 218 226 4792, Fax:218 226 4157. oca@purefood.org, www.organicconsumers.org Protects the integrity of the organic label, promotes sustainable agriculture, and opposes the use of genetic engineering in food and farming.

  Pesticide Action Network (PAN), North American Office (PANNA). 49 Powell St., Suite 500, San Francisco, CA 94102, USA. Tel: 415 981 1771, Fax: 415 981 1991. panna@panna.org, www.panna.org/panna Has campaigned to replace pesticides with ecologically sound alternatives since 1982. PANNA is one of five PAN Regional Centers in Africa, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, Europe and North America.

  Research Foundation For Science, Technology & Natural Resource Policy, A-60 Haus Khas, New Delhi 110016, India. Tel: 91 11 696 8077, Fax: 685 6795. twn@uvn.ernet.in, www.indiaserver.com/betas/vshiva Focuses on biodiversity conservation, food security, globalisation, patenting, genetic engineering, biosafety, sustainable agriculture, WTO and GATT.

  Rural Advancement Foundation International (RAFI) 110 Osborne St., Suite 202, Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada R3L 1Y5 Tel: 204 453 5259, Fax: 204 925 8034. rafi@rafi.org, www.rafi.org An international non-governmental organisation dedicated to the conservation, sustainability and improvement of agricultural biodiversity, and to the socially responsible development of technologies useful to rural societies. RAFI is an important contact for info on patenting, terminator technology, the biotech industry and the loss of genetic diversity, and the relationship of these issues to human rights, agriculture and world food security.

  Third World Network, International Secretariat, 228 Macalister Road, 10400 Penang, Malaysia. Tel: 60 4 2266728 or 2266159, Fax: 2264505. twn@igc.apc.org, www.twnside.org.sg/souths/twn /bio.htm Network of organisations and individuals involved in issues relating to development, the Third World and North-South issues. Their website is a useful source of information about biopiracy, patents, the WTO and GE.

  Union of Concerned Scientists, National HQ, 2 Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA 02238-9105, USA. Tel: 617 547 5552. ucs@ucsusa.org, www.ucsusa.org/agriculture/ biotech.html Alliance of 70,000 committed citizens and leading scientists who aim to "augment rigorous scientific research with public education and citizen advocacy to help build a cleaner, healthier environment and a safer world".

  Provides a critique of the various applications of genetic engineering, and supports sustainable alternatives. See Gene Exchange, p.127. Magazines, Journals etc Corner House Briefings, The Corner House, P.O. Box 3137, Station Road, Sturminster Newton, Dorset DT10 1YJ, UK. cornerhouse@gn.apc.org, www.icaap.org/Cornerhouse/articles.html Detailed briefings by a skilled team of researchers, which include one on the issue of patenting, and another on GE and World Hunger.

  Corporate Watch, Tel: 01865 791391. mail@corporatewatch.i-way.co.uk, www.corporatewatch.org Magazine which addresses the power of multinational corporations. From September 1999, the independent research group (also called Corporate Watch) which publishes the magazine will be providing information on the biotech industry as a resource for anti-GE campaigners.

  The Ecologist, Unit 18, Chelsea Wharf, 15 Lots Road, London SW10 0QJ. Tel: 0171 351 3578, Fax: 0171 351 3617. www.gn.apc.org/ecologist Publishing radical green thought for 30 years. Regular features and updates on issues related to genetic engineering and the biotech industry.

  Earth First! Journal, Contact: Earth First!, POB 1415, Eugene, OR 97440, USA. Tel: 541 344 8004, Fax: 344 7688. earthfirst@igc.org, www.enviroweb.org/ef A forum for the radical environmental movement: news and views of radical ecologists and discussions of direct action. Published eight times a year.

  The Gene Exchange www.ucsusa.org/publications/ index.html A valuable resource, edited by Jane Rissler and Margaret Mellon from the Union of Concerned Scientists. Look up website for info on how to receive by email. By post, send request to Direct Mail Administrator, UCS, Two Brattle Square, Cambridge, MA 02238-9105.

  GenEthics News, PO Box 6313, London N16 0DY, UK. 101561.3476@compuserve.com, http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/genethicsnews/ Founded by geneticist Dr. David King. Bimonthly newsletter covering the ethical, social and environmental issues raised by GE and human genetics.

  Genetic Network News, c/o ngin, 26 Pottergate, Norwich NR2 1DX, UK. mail@icsenglish.com, http://members.tripod.com/~ngin/ Free newssheet published bi-monthly by Norfolk Genetic Information Network. Send large sae for information. Also see website.

  Genetix Update see Genetic Engineering Network, p.122.

  GeneWATCH (not to be confused with GeneWatch UK!) is a magazine produced by the Council for Responsible Genetics (see p.125).

  GeneWatch Briefings Valuable briefings from GeneWatch UK, see p.124.

  GM-FREE magazine Tel: 01695 50504 gmfree@cableinet.co.uk, http://wkweb4.cableinet.co.uk/pbrown/index.htm. Magazine which aims to warn people of the risks to health and the environment from GE.

  Manual for Assessing Ecological and Human Health Effects of Genetically Engineered Organisms A two-volume, peer-reviewed manual written by a group of scientists from a wide range of disciplines. Available for cost of mailing from the Edmonds Institute (see p.125).

  The Monsanto Monitor Same contact as ASEED Europe, p.124. A resource for organisations and individuals campaigning against Monsanto and its products.

  Permaculture Magazine Hyden House Ltd, The Sustainability Centre, East Meon, Hants. Tel: 01730 823311. hello@permaculture.co.uk Quarterly magazine. Can also be contacted for general info about permaculture, including local contacts and details of the UK Permaculture Association. Send ё1 in stamps for a sample copy of the magazine.

  RAFI CommuniquИs Valuable and detailed analysis of patenting issues, terminator technology and the life science industry. See RAFI, p.126.

  The Ram's Horn S6 C27 RR#1, Sorrento BC, V0E 2W0, Canada. Tel/Fax: (250) 675-4866. ramshorn@ramshorn.bc.ca, www.ramshorn.bc.ca/ Eight pages of information and analysis of the food system, published monthly. Increasingly focused on the issues and dangers posed by GE.

  Seedling (see GRAIN for contact details). Quarterly newsletter which aims to provide a platform for the exchange of news and analysis among people engaged in GE issues. Free to groups and individuals in the Third World and also to campaign groups in the West.

  Selling Suicide: farming, false promises and genetic engineering in developing countries Report published by Christian Aid and available from them at PO Box 100, London SE1 7RT, or on the web at www.christian-aid.org.uk/reports/suicide/index.html.

  The Splice of Life c/o The Genetics Forum, 94 White Lion Street, London N1 9PS. Tel: 0171 837 9229, Fax: 0171 837 1141. geneticforum@gn.apc.org, www.geneticsforum.org.uk The magazine produced by The Genetics Forum, a UK watchdog on GE issues. It covers the social, environmental and ethical implications of GE.

  Third World Resurgence see Third World Network (TWN), p.126. Monthly magazine published by TWN on the environment, health and basic needs, international affairs, politics, economics, culture, etc. from Third World perspective.
  Email information services Genetic Engineering Network (GEN) List 1 A UK-based, free service; a moderated list averaging about 5 emails per day. Includes information about all aspects of GE with a close eye on worldwide resistance to the technology (Archived as 'info4action' at www.gene.ch/ since 1998). GEN List 2 is a much quieter list which sends out GEN's newsletter as well as action reports. Email genetics@gn.apc.org to subscribe and state which of the two lists you want to be on (all info in list 2 is covered by list 1).

  BAN GEF Free US-run list with useful daily digest. For instructions send email to Ban-GEF@lists.txinfinet.com with HELP in the Subject line.

  BIO-IPR In-depth list put out by GRAIN (see p.125). Circulates information about recent developments in the field of patenting related to biodiversity, etc. To join, send the word "subscribe" (no quote marks) as the subject of an email message to bio-ipr-request@cuenet.com.

  Center for Food Safety To subscribe to the free electronic newsletter, Campaign for Food Safety News (formerly called Food Bytes), send an email to majordomo@mr.net with the simple message in the body of the text: subscribe pure-food-action.

  GENET Moderated list: information exchange among European NGOs and grassroot groups (archived at www.gene.ch/ since 1998). Email genet@agoranet.be for subscription details (service is not free).

  GENTECH Unmoderated list about all aspects of genetic engineering (archived at www.gene.ch since 1995). Send a message with the word "subscribe" in the subject to: GENTECH-REQUEST@tribe.ping.de.

  Nginews Free e-mail bulletins from Norfolk Genetic Information Network. Email mail@icsenglish.com with the word "subscribe".

  NLP Wessex List Concentrates on crop issues. Subscribe on website: www.btinter net.com/~nlpwessex/Documents/gmocarto.htm.

  Organic Consumers Association To subscribe to the free electronic newsletter, Organic View, send an email to organicview@organicconsumers.org with "subscribe" written in the body of the text.

  PANUPS Free weekly on-line news service from PANNA (see p.126). Subscription information available on website www.panna.org/panna.

  Rachel's Environment & Health Weekly Weekly news with searchable archive at www.monitor.net/rachel/. Send the word "Subscribe" by itself (no quote marks) in an email to: rachel-weekly-request@world.std.com.

  WEN Local food list marigold@gn.apc.org Biodiversity, local food and sustainable agriculture. UK-based, but also contains international news. Other information on websites Ag BioTech InfoNet www.biotech-info.net/about.html Focuses on scientific reports and technical analysis of GE issues. Aims to provide a forum where a broad spectrum of people and organizations can raise tough questions, report new technical findings, and offer conflicting views.

  Food 'n' Health 'n' Hope www.seizetheday.org/main.htm Visit this site to listen to (or download) a song about a certain company.

  Genetic Engineering and Its Dangers http://userwww.sfsu.edu/~rone/ gedanger.htm A series of articles and essays covers a wide range of issues including GE and biological weapons, spiritual perspectives etc. Compiled by Dr Ron Epstein, Philosophy Department, College of Humanities, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA 94132, USA.

  Genetix Snowball www.gn.apc.org/pmhp/gs/ Website and handbook of the Genetix Snowball, a "campaign of nonviolent civil responsibility", which aims "to safely remove GE crops from the ground".

  Ifgene www.anth.org/ifgene/articles.htm Particular focus on the worldviews with which people approach science, and the moral and spiritual implications of biotechnology.

  List of GE test sites in the UK www.foe.co.uk/camps/foodbio/qu eries/ Visit this website to find out where your nearest test site is: just type in your postcode or village/town name. Test site information can also be obtained from the Department of the Environment, Tel: 0171 890 5275/5277.

  OneWorld Online www.oneworld.org/guides/ biotech/front.html Dedicated to promoting human rights and sustainable development by harnessing the democratic potential of the Internet. Highly regarded website.

  Physicians and Scientists for Responsible Application of Science and Technology www.psagef.org/indexgen.htm A global network of scientists. Website e range of science-based information about the hazards of GE. An important resource if you want more scientific detail about these issues.

  UK Five Year Freeze http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/geall iance Find out here how to join the UK coalition (over 90 national organisations by July '99) calling for a five year 'freeze' on all releases of GE organisms, all GE food imports, and all patents on food crops.

  Wessex Natural Law Party www.btinter net.com/~nlpwessex/Documents/gmocarto.htm Useful resource, especially for farming-related issues. Contains lists of quotes about GE from scientists, farmers and other public figures. Recommended books on genetic engineering The Biotech Century: Harnessing the Gene and Remaking the World by Jeremy Rifkin, Tarcher/Putnam (New York), 1998. Very readable overview of developments within the field of GE.

  The Ecological Risks of Engineered Crops by Jane Rissler and Margaret Mellon, MIT Press, 1996. One of the key texts on GE and the environment.

  Biotechnology, Weapons and Humanity, British Medical Association, London, 1999. Covers the issue of GE and biological warfare.

  Biopolitics edited by Vandana Shiva and Ingunn Moser, Zed Books, London, 1995. Essays analysing the politics of the biotech industry.

  Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge by Vandana Shiva, Green Books, 1998. Patenting, biopiracy and the 'new colonialism'.

  Exploding the Gene Myth by Ruth Hubbard and Elijah Wald, Beacon Press, 1997. A critique of genetic determinism.

  Brave New Worlds: Staying Human in the Genetic Future by Bryan Appleyard, Viking Press, New York, 1998. Explores human GE issues.

  Farmageddon: Food and the Culture of Biotechnology by Brewster Kneen, New Society, Gabriola Island, BC, 1999. Critique of GE as reductionist science, motivated by corporate profit.

  Genetic Engineering: Dream or Nightmare? The Brave New World of Bad Science and Big Business by Mae-Wan Ho, Gateway Books, 1998. Scientific critique of GE and mechanistic views of the genome.

  Against the Grain by Mark LappИ and Britt Bailey, Earthscan, 1999. Covers agricultural GE issues, such as the impacts of herbicide-resistant crops.

  Eat Your Genes: How Genetically Modified Food is Entering our Diet by Stephen Nottingham, Zed Books Ltd, 1998. Detailed information on issues ranging from the science of GE to the regulatory systems in Europe & USA.

  The Human Body Shop: The Engineering and Marketing of Life by Andrew Kimbrell, HarperSanFrancisco, 1993. Accessible introduction to the commercialisation of the human body.

  For all those who are interested in the relationship between apathy and action, and the response of the human heart to ecological crisis, I recommend the following two books:

  Coming Back to Life: Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World by Joanna Macy and Molly Young Brown, New Society, Canada, 1998. A heartful book which contains a wealth of practical information and exercises that can be used by both groups and individuals.

  World as Lover, World as Self by Joanna Macy, Parallax Press, Berkeley, 1991. Explores activism, ecological despair, systems theory and spiritual practice.

  Mark Ritchie, President Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy 2105 First Ave. South Minneapolis, Minnesota 55404 USA 612-870-3400 (phone) 612-870-4846 (fax) mritchie@iatp.org, www.iatp.org


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